2023 / 10 / 01 —  2023 / 10 / 30 — Online. @posterreview.eu & @posotber_kg

This year we held the International Postober competition/activity.

Organizers: Dmitri Makonnen (.ee) and Alexey Lysogorov (.kg)

The participants’ task was to make 30 posters within one month.
One poster per day. This is quite a lot of work. It was possible to participate with one job too.

Many talented designers took part in the activity. A lot of work has been done with the help of artificial intelligence. All works were collected mainly from screenshots by the organizers of the event.

Among the participants of the competition/activity from Kyrgyzstan, strong posters were selected and the authors of the works received participant diplomas.


Aiden_signed (kg)
Alexey Lysogorov (kg)
Vasilev Mikhail (kg)
Zhusup Kumarbekov (kg)
Anna Nagulina (kg)

1ce_t3a (kg)
Alexander Lartsev (ru)
Anton Shlyonkin
Aytunuk Tokonova (kg)
Dark_suggars (kg)
Dastan Imanaliev (kg)
Dastan Miraj (kg)
Dmitri Makonnen (ee)
Eldiyar Bektursunov (kg)
elkinns_ (kg)
Elnura Beishekeeva (kg)
evlpotatohead (kg)
Julia Dikevich
liza_designer.drakon (kg)
Max_Ocn (kg)
Mikhail Grinevich (ru)
Olenka Reshetnikova (kg)
ph_cody (kg)
timurovacheek (kg)
Victor Tyapkov (ru)
Zarina Usupbekova (kg)
Alexander Sorokin (kg)
Oksana Shkuropatova (kg)
Erk Musakeev (kg)

Aytunuk Tokonova

Zhusup Kumarbekov

Olenka Reshetnikova

Elnura Beishekeeva

Alexander Sorokin


Review: Dmitri Makonnen

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