This is a project with reviews of different poster designers and their work. I believe that there are very few people who write about posters and whose opinion can be referred to. I will improve this situation. And, if possible, give this direction of design, an expert assessment.


These reviews are my subjective opinion. I write candidly and from my background in design.

PS. Please excuse me if I accidentally offended you. Write me your opinion. I will make changes in case of an error or typo. If you really don’t like my review. I’ll make a mark that says “this review is not relevant”


My name is Dmitry Makonnen.
I am a graphic designer. I live in Estonia. Veps by nationality. I speak Russian and Estonian.

Participated in many poster competitions.
member of the Estonian Graphic Designers Union
member of the Union of Designers of Russia
member of the international association “union of designers”
member of a creative combination of designers of arts and crafts.


I write in Russian and then translate the text using Google translator. If you want to help with the project with translation into English, Estonian or another language. Write me. The project is non-profit and I welcome the help of volunteers.
And if you want to support the work of the project. It’s generally wonderful. This will give an incentive for growth and, for example, I will hire a proofreader to edit the text in English and it will not be written in gray with a dubious translation, but in a normal, responsible and bold text). Or start a department with poster exhibition reports. This is the goal for the development of the project.
The text is written in gray because I am not sure of its translation. Automatic translators may not translate correctly. Or accidentally change the meaning of the statement.
If you would like to support the project, that would be great. Write me.


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